Engineering Support Chatbot

The involvement of (real) users into software engineering is crucial for designing and building systems that solve problems. Too often, users are involved at best in a superficial fashion, due to costly and time-intensive requirements elicitation processes. Most prominently, requirements interviews just do not scale well to wide-audiences of users. The project Engineering Support Chatbot tackles the challenge of conducting requirements interviews with end-users on a scale. Therefore, we designed and developed a prototype chatbot that conducts elicitation interviews using the laddering method. Laddering is a value-oriented approach that gives insights into the hierarchical value structure of users in order to build user-empowering IT.

Related publications:

  • Rietz, T.; Maedche, A. (2019). “LadderBot: A requirements self-elicitation system”. In 27th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE’19), Jeju Island, ROK, September 23 27, 2019, 357–362, IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos CA). [ResearchGate Link] [Publisher Link]


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