Affective Chatbots for Team Collaboration

In the last years affective technologies have become more advanced and innovative. They allow for detailed and better understanding of human emotions by machines.These advances in affective computing have given rise to new abilities for chatbots to evolve from machine-like entities into partners for humans. With emotional cabapilites, such systems serve as potential emotional managers within team collaboration. They can become an important influence for positive team collaboration. We relate to such systems as Affective Chatbots which extend and apply emotional capabilities of sensing and understanding human emotions. Thereby they support team communication through social and behavioral cues. Through these capabilities they appear anthropomorphic and may increase the desire to interact with.

Affective Chatbots apply increasingy on collaboration platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. These platforms open their gates for a digital environment through accessible interfaces. Thus, Affective Chatbots experience multiple promising use cases for the organizational workplace and the future of work. Nevertheless, Affective Chatbots are not limited to the workplace scenario, but may also apply in different use cases like car-assistance or smart home assistance, basically everywhere where it potentially comes to social interaction.

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Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

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